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Real Estate Photography

AAV Productions offers a variety of photography services dedicated to attracting a high volume of buyers from online advertising and MLS postings. We provide HDR photography, listing videos, and drone content to ensure that the best features of your listings are highlighted. We service Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and all of the surrounding areas. 

HDR Photography

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HDR photography provides the best quality imagery for dynamic and natural lighting conditions. You can see many more examples in the gallery. 

Listing Video

Get a full video walk-through of your listing. This video is made using a steady-cam, so you glide through the property, seeing the best it has to offer. You can see an example in the gallery.

Drone Photography

Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone photography is the best way to get a view of the whole property, as well as the surrounding landscape and neighborhood. Pair this service with the listing video to get aerial video of the property too.